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PointClickCare is a company that offers cloud-based modules in the senior care space and it includes financial management, care delivery management, business intelligence, marketing, and quality and compliance. They provide the solution to help people to get regulatory compliance, avoid missing documentation, improve reimbursement accuracy and reduce duplicate data entry. It also assists teams to be able to manage workflow, check progress for practitioner, remotely track patient compliance and improve the quality of patient care. Besides, it also offers Point of Care on touch screen devices, medication and nutritional management and a platform for HIPPA-compliant text messaging.

It will allow the administrators to patronize to billing, clinical and administrative modules. The solution can help people assess marketing efforts via PointClickCare’s referral management solution. The users of Point Click Care are able to track calls and activities and also make an electronic record to evaluate success in raising accuracy rates. It also gives CRM functionality, pre-admission eligibility checks and also insurance coverage monitoring.

If you are a new user of PointClickCare, you must be still confused how to use it, manage your account and even also how to login. To be able to get access to Point Click Care, you need to login by using the secure login process. To do that is easy and quick and it can be accessed by using browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla-Firefox and Apple Safari. Now, we are going to tell you the steps of doing Point Click Care Login

  1. The first thing that you have to do is opening your internet browser.
  2. Then, enter the address: login.pointclickcare.com in the address bar.
  3. After that, in the field of username of the login page, you have to type your org prefix, a period and also your username without spaces.
  4. To make sure that org prefix is already filled in every time you open the page, choose “Rememer my org prefix” below the Password field.
  5. Then, in the field of Password, enter your password. Remember that passwords are case dependent which means that password1 is not similar with Password1.
  6. At last, click “Login” and then the home page of PointClickCare will come up.

If you cannot login to your account and you get the message which states that you enter invalid username or password and you need to contact your security administrator to check and reset it, you need to double check for the prefix that you must before the username. For instance, in case you get a username such as crc.jdoe2, you will enter that into PointClickCare login page and then the generic password which was provided to your HR Director. Then, when the windows pops up and asks for your old password, enter the similar password that you did in the previous step. Below that, you are able to fill in a unique password which you can remember and you may ignore the PIN number. If you have done this and you are still having problems in logging in, see your HR Director to get a help.