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PointClickCare is an organization in America which provides a variety of technology, business and business solutions for senior care industry. It also provides the service of Electronic Health Record (EHR). What is EHR? It is a service that is cloud-based where all information of the patient is recorded into digital storage. Besides, this platform also gives useful tools which can help to synchronize all team members workflow. Above all, it can improve the service of senior home care. They also serve marketing tools help to grow your home care business. Even, lately, this company is extended their business to Canada.

You may not know how to do PointClickCare Login. All kinds of online service and tools of this platform can be used in smart devices. The smart devices are mobile, tablet, or computer device. By utilizing the format of web, the users of PointClickCare can get access to their all kinds of tools, Electronic Health Record (EHR) information and the other strategy information anywhere and anytime. It also has a strong system for online security. Now, you do not need to be worried about your online account security. You are always able to recover your PointClickCare online account by utilizing the recovery process. So, you can follow the steps below carefully to login to PointClickCare.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to set the internet connection to your PC device.
  • Then, you need to visit the login page of PointClickCare by using your web browser. You can use web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. You can get this URL for being directed to the login page: https://login.pointclickcare.com/home/userLogin.xhtml.
  • After that, you will be directed to the login page. If you have got the original login page, then you need to provide your PointClickCare online account information at this page of login. First, you must enter your username. Then, add your account password which was set at your PointClickCare online account. Do not forget to click Login button. You are able to save your organization prefix with your PointClickCare online account on “Remember my org prefix”.

In case you want to change or recover your PointClickCare online account, you have to communicate your present organization or agency administrator or author. The users may face login errors during login periods. If you deal with one of the login errors then you can follow the instruction under the certain error message. If you cannot connect to the user database, you can recheck your present organization or agency prefix. For your information, the prefix is displayed with username: pre.username.

Then, in case you are from Canada you need to use the login page which is different that is: login.pointclickcare.ca. What should we do when we enter the invalid username or password? You can re-enter the username or password with the correct one. Then, perhaps you also experience where you cannot login from your current location. It means that you probably attempt to access your account from any unregistered location. So, make sure that you login from registered location.

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