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A Certified Nursing Assistant usually works in various settings such as nursing homes, adult day care centers, hospitals, personal homes and assisted living facilities all need nursing assistants to act as a helpful relationship between the RN or LPN and the patient. Their main role is to give basic care for patients and also to help them in doing their daily activities such as:

  • Serve meals and assist patients to eat
  • Stick the patients into water and dress them
  • Reposition or turn patients who are bedridden
  • Take vital signs
  • Give and empty bedpans
  • Gather information in terms of conditions and plans of treatment for nurses, caregivers and doctors
  • Answer the calls of patient
  • Lifting patients into wheelchairs, beds, exam tables, etc.
  • Change bed sheets and also restock rooms with necessary needs
  • Clean and also sanitize patients areas
  • Examine patients for blood in urine, bruises, or the other wounds or injuries that are experienced by the patients

For supporting their tasks, CNA also work with medical technology such as health information software, medical record charting software, and billing software. One of platforms that can be used by CNA to make their task easier is PointClickCare. This platform will provide all standard regulatory needs, so you do not need to worry anymore about whether your system is in compliance. PointClickCare CNA is cloud-based so this platform can quickly push a software update to all of their customers simultaneously, making you get access that is instant to the regulatory changes. It also contains required federal and state regulatory forms, allowing you to simplify your reporting processes for regulators, surveyors and auditors.

PointClickCare Login also integrates administrative and financial functions seamlessly with the tools of care delivery, serving a holistic line of sight across your operations. By using PointClickCare, delivering the best care that needs the ability to exchange vital data with others in your care network is possible to do. Having easy and quick access to the most up to date resident information is gained when health technology systems are integrated for the exchange of health data. This platform gives you this holistic view of your resident records, with its connection that is secure and reliable to data exchange partners such as labs and pharmacies. A lot of exchanges  of information have been transferred to and from PointClickCare safely and it makes sure that you always have a financial and clinical record that is complete of resident activity.

PointClickCare will share the results of lab in real time. Get an entrance to the exchange of information that is real time and more accurate documentation of the results of the laboratory by being the users of PointClickCare and then work with lab Exchange partners. Every Lab Exchange partner has been certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments that regulates laboratory testing and needs clinical laboratories to be certified by their states and also Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. So, how does it work? The results of lab from regional, local and national diagnostic testing providers can be sent and stored electronically as part of the record of resident in PointClickCare through a relationship with Liaison.

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