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PointClickCare’s cloud-based platform bolster the biggest network of senior care providers in the market of LTPAC. The reason of why this platform doing this is very simple. It is because no one understands the changing senior care market better than PointClickCare Login. PointClickCare gives technology to link providers across the LTPAC continuum. Besides, it also permits person-centered care with a deep emphasis on quality and outcomes. They set up their business on it, so you are able to set up yours.

Point Click Care has given help providers to set up strong businesses without compromising quality for more than 15 years. They give the technology that is needed to grow and succeed in the changing world of senior care by working together with care professionals and senior care providers. The software which is cloud-based permits an approach that is coordinated and collaborative. The best solution to connect care teams and colleagues with a shared single resident record across the care continuum is through an integrated platform which follows to compliance and regulatory guidelines that assists providers with payer changes allowing faster reimbursement. What are the services of products of PointClickCare? Those are Core EHR Platform, Care Delivery Management, Quality and Compliance, Financial Management, Business Intelligence, Marketing, Services and Support, Solutions By Role, Health Data Exchange, and Pulse Customer Community.

They have designed the platform to be powerful and feature-rich and also intuitive and easy to use. It is done by them because they understand that providers expect simplicity in their technology solutions without having to sacrifice functionality. They proudly sustains a full spectrum of more than 15,000 senior care providers from small independent homes to multi-facility organizations and campuses across North America. Giving you a help to deliver better services and care, confirming you optimize revenue for your efforts, understanding your business to control risk and capitalize on chances, those are all available on the market’s leading EHR platform. Then, the platform of EHR for senior care also can give help in the business of Skilled Nursing to supply better quality care while they improve their daily operations through the resident data that are consistent, shared and accessible.

The integrated platform also assists you stay connected with pharmacies, practitioners and labs together with the rest of your care network. Care Delivery Management is a component that is critical of EHR platform that involves everything from basic assessments and care plans to integrated medication management and mobile apps for engaging with practitioners. Easy to use protect tools support real time communication among care team members, containing physicians and pharmacists. Your multi disciplinary team is always connected and always equipped to make care decisions which are well-informed. In the marketing field, senior care providers may not miss out on chances to improve revenue and cash flow because of inefficient billing processes and inaccurate admissions documentation. PointClickCare permits financial and business office teams to easily control census, accounts payable, accounts receivable, claims, collections and trust account activities with full integration between clinical and billing modules without thinking of the size of your organization.

In the marketing field, whether you are skilled or senior living providers, maximizing occupancy is key to your business success. This platform allows staff to better understand and manage prospective resident leads to know where they are coming from that programs are getting results and assist them nurture relationship with the members of family and key referral partners.

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